Moral Relativism Dialogue

Transcription of Youtube dialogue with a moral relativist:

Chad: So Ben do you believe in right and wrong?
Ben: Yes.
Chad: Why is that?
Ben: It’s purely subjective. It mean it’s never really straight up and down if that makes any sense. It’s kind of the best way that I can explain it.
Chad: So when you think of something like torturing babies for the fun of it, you can’t say that’s black and white wrong? That it’s open?
Ben: I’d say it’s cruel but I mean that, torturing babies for the fun of it, I don’t believe in right and wrong but I’d stop you if I saw you doing it? I don’t think you’d go to hell if you did it though. I mean even if you did go to hell, you could find heaven in hell.
Chad: When you use a word like “should” and “ought” are you not assuming there’s a certain way that things should or ought to be?
Ben: Hmm…in my own personal ideals I have an ideal world but I believe that other people disagree with me about what my ideal world is and they could be just as right as I am and you could be just as right as I am.
Chad: So you think that each individual person has their own truth value and it’s equivalent to one another. I have my opinion, you have your opinion and neither of us has any more truth value than the other?
Ben: Essentially.
Chad: Just yes or no.
Ben: Yes.
Chad: So your truth value, your opinion, has no more weight or bearing than a child molester or rapist?
Ben: They still believe what they believe you know. Like think about how many rapists were priests.
Chad: The question was though you believe by your standard that their moral opinion is just as valuable not any less valuable than yours. It has just as much weight.
Ben: Yea they’re still human beings. Everybody has their right to have their moral opinion. Now the rest of the human race and the world and maybe the rest of the universe and nature itself try to stop that because it’s something that goes against the well-being of everything around it, but I still think they’re entitled to do that just like…I’m probably going to regret saying this but I have to just like I think Hitler’s entitled to do what he did but I still would have fought against him.
Chad: Why would you fight against him?
Ben: I don’t agree with the taking…I don’t believe in genocide. It’s just like the right versus wrong. It’s like sying because you’re you you’re wrong.
Chad: That’s only your opinion and your opinion ultimately has no more value than a child molster’s or rapists.
Ben: Pretty much.
Chad: Isn’t there something within you that screams “this is wrong but I can’t explain it from my worldview?”
Ben: Nope.
Chad: Isn’t there something within you that screams “raping and child molestation isn’t only subjectively wrong. It’s not just wrong because it’s my opinion, but it’s absolutely wrong but with my worldview I just can’t explain it?”
Ben: Hmmm…something along those lines.
Chad: That’s what happens when you give up belief in God when you suppress the truth.


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