Whether a Fact is Truly a Fact

“Presuppositions determine whether a fact is truly a fact for someone’s chosen worldview. For example, a person holding anti-supernatural presuppositions will ignore, reinterpret, or even discard evidence that does not support his worldview in order to ensure  that his worldview is not invalidated. Throughout this process the claim is made by anti-supernaturalists that they are being neutral and objective, that they don’t hold presuppositions that influence the way they evaluate evidence. As one skeptic of scientific objectivity observes, “How good was the evolutionary evidence? Perhaps in addition to those 100 million facts that proved evolution, there were another 100 million facts they had chosen to ignore that proved something else.” Presuppositions determined the reality of facts.”

(DeMar, Thinking Straight in a Crooked World, 111)


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