Steve the Religious Pluralist

Steve: Unlike you, I’m tolerant of other people’s religious beliefs.

John: What do you mean by tolerant?

Steve: I accept that there is no one view that is correct.

John: So I’m correct in affirming that there is one view that is correct?

Steve: No. There is more than one correct view.

John: Only your view is correct then.

Steve: I guess so.

John: When it comes to the context of religious beliefs, how are you defining tolerance?

Steve:  I accept everyone’s religious beliefs as valid. There is more than one way to heaven or God.

John: My religious belief is that only Christianity is true, all other religions are false and Jesus is the only way to heaven. Do you accept this as valid? In addition, Who’s heaven? Who’s god?

Steve: All the religions believe in the same god and heaven, but just understand them in different ways.

John: The very fact that their understand of god and heaven differs goes to show that they believe in different gods and a different heaven.

Christianity is Trinitarian. Jehovah’s Witness and Islam are Unitarian. Mormonism is polytheist. Christians believe that Jesus is God. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe Jesus was created. Mormons believe Jesus didn’t always exist. Muslims believe that Jesus was just a man.

And you’re saying that we believe in the same god? That would be a violation of the law of non-contradiction. How can Jesus be both God and Not-God at the same time and sense?


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