Accounting for Flowers

“How can a flower be used to show the incoherence of the non-Christian worldview?

Answer: In the biblical apologetic all facts testify of God, even the existence of a flower. Various problems arise in considering the flower:

(1) The unbeliever can’t account for the existence of matter. Where did it come from?

(2) He can’t explain induction. That is, he is unable to explain the flower’s history and development, since his system is materialistic and the process of induction is not.

(3) He can’t explain the flower’s conception which requires logic in order to even talk about flowers, in that it requires the universals of “flowerness” and “dirtness.”

(4) He can’t account for value judgments about flowers. He has no account for aesthetic or ethical values. What do we do about the flower?

(5) He can’t explain the flower’s adaption to its environment. Why is it related to anything else in the random world? Why can things outside of me be made suitable to my purposes?

(6) He can’t explain the explanation of flower. In a chance universe of ultimate randomness, he can’t account for unity, differentiation, and classes of things in order to explain what he means by “flower.”

(7) He has no way to explain our consciousness of flowers. We are self-conscious, the flower is not. How is this so since I am but matter-in -motion?”

(Bahnsen, Pushing the Antithesis, 258)


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