Laws of Logic Grounded in the Mind

“If the laws of logic are not mere conceptions of the human mind, then where do they come from? Most atheists avoid even asking that question. It’s like asking about the origin of the laws of nature.

…They don’t want to talk about it because it’s an impossible question to answer from an atheistic perspective. That’s because the laws of logic are certainly not material. You’re not going to find the law of noncontradiction made of wood in your workship somewhere. The laws of logic are immaterial realities that don’t change. All physical things change, but the laws of logic do not. They are fixed, immaterial, eternal laws that would not exist if the purely material world of atheism were correct. While atheists use them, they cannot exist them.

“Oh, but give science more time!” If any atheist suggests that, I would suggest giving the atheist more time- more time to think. Science can’t in principle discover the origin for the laws of logic because science can’t proceed without using the laws of logic! The scientific method can’t discover metaphysical principles anyway. All it can do is use them.

But can’t atheists use other arguments to explain reason?

No. Any defense of reason by reason would be circular. Reason is a starting point. The question is, what grounds that starting point? Why do the laws of logic exist?

I think Michael actually was on to something. He was correct to surmise that the laws of logic are grounded in a mind, but just not the temporal, changeable human mind he was advocating. Since the laws of logic are timeless, spaceless, immaterial, and unchangelable, they seem to be grounded in a timeless, spaceless, immaterial, and unchangeable Mind.

Laws only come from lawgivers. That’s what all experience shows us. Why think the laws of nature and the laws of logic are exceptions? If we follow the evidence where it leads, it takes us right back to the same eternal Mind that created the universe.

The same is true about the reliability of our minds and our ability to discover truth. If this universe is the result of a cosmic accident as atheists assert, then why isn’t everything chaotic? Why is reason so orderly? Why can’t we think, do science and mathematics, and arrive at true conclusions about the orderly external world?”

(Turek, Stealing From God, 35-37)


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