“Like any belief, belief in God must be supported by sufficient evidence. In fact, this requirement applied to all beliefs and was Enlightenment’s standard for rationality:

To be rational, a belief must be supported by sufficient evidence.

This standard is important enough to be named-it’s the same standard of today’s atheists. Let’s call it evidentialism.

Now is a good time as any to point out that, so far, we really have only a “gut feeling” for what counts as evidence. To be sure, we know that evidentialism requires that all beliefs be supported by evidence, whatever evidence turns out to be. But with no clear criterion for what counts as evidence, we can’t actually determine whether a belief has any.

Notice that evidentialism isn’t contrary to religious belief per se, not as long as the belief in question rests on sufficient evidence. According to evidentialism, belief in
God-indeed, any belief, is fine as long as there’s evidence for it. Nearly all Christians have agreed: if religious beliefs don’t conform to the standards of reason, we should reject them.”

(Stokes, A Shot of Faith to the Head, 4-5)


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