Darwin Wasn’t Neutral

“It is this agnosticism that underlies the notion of scientific neutrality. Scientists speak a great deal of approaching the facts with an open mind. The story has been told over and over again how up to Darwin’s time men had simply believed on authority that there is a God and that he has created man in his own image. Then Darwin looked at the facts dispassionately and found that man has come from the lower animals.

In reality this story is based upon a myth. Darwin took for granted the just-there-ness of facts. He took for granted that the mind of man can deal with brute facts. Thus at the outset he excluded the Christian conception of God. What holds for Darwin holds for other scientists. It is commonly taken for granted that the scientist who begins simply with the “facts” is neutral. Yet he cannot but take the facts either as created or as non- created. If he takes them as non-created he has already at the outset excluded the notion of God’s interpretation of the facts. Thus he has virtually assumed his own mind to be the ultimate interpreter of the facts. In short, he has come to his task of interpreting facts with a non-Christian philosophy of facts.”

(Van Til, Christian Theistic Evidences)


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