Christian Epistemology

“All this (the skepticism of empiricism, the subjectivism of rationalism and the hypocrisy of irrationality) the Christian eschews in favor of the epistemology graciously given in the fact and propositional content of Holy Scripture. He recognizes that in the fact of Scripture itself he has a truly profound solution to man’s need for an infinite reference point if knowledge if knowledge is to become a reality. He understands that because there is comprehensive knowledge with God, real and true knowledge is possible for man, since God who knows all the data exhaustively in all their infinite relationships and who possesses therefore true knowledge is in the position to impart any portion of that true knowledge to man. The Christian believes that this is precisely what God did when he revealed himself to man propositionally. And he rests in the confidence that it is precisely in and by the Scriptures – coming to him ab extra (from “outside the cosmos”) – that he has the “Archimedean (place to stand – i.e. base, a place from which to move the world)” that he needs for the buildup of knowledge and the justification of his knowledge claims. Taking all his directions from the transcendent (base) of the divine mind revealed in Holy Scripture, the Christian affirms, first, the created actuality of a real world of knowing persons and knowable objects external to those knowing persons. Second, he affirms the legitimate necessity of both sensory experience and the reasoning process in the activity of learning, for the legitimacy of these things are authenticated by the Scriptures themselves. Finally, and he happily acknowledges that the divine mind which revealed something of its knowledge in Scripture is his (base) for universals in order to justify his truth claims. In short, he makes the Word of the self-attesting Christ of Scripture the epistemic basis for all reasoning and knowledge – even when reasoning about reason or about God’s revelation.”

Dr. Robert Reymond, New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith. (All parenthetical inserts are mine – DRD.)


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